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A concept album, which narrates the story of a "soul", rather the journey of a "soul" through purely instrumental means.The soul's journey takes it to a world which is "Unseen", which it must escape, to avoid the same fate of so many others before it.

The opening track "Following Bugs" indicates the pit into which the "soul" falls into, tumbles and turns and finally falls in a world which is strange and hard to comprehend, it is so different than the soul's own world to the point that it is scary and has an unsettling vibe to it.

The second track "No Respite" narrates the story of this strange world attacking the "soul" . The "soul" runs for its life but cannot escape the cruel grasp of the world it has fallen into, there seems to be "no respite" to its ordeal. Hence the title of the song

The third track "The Hidden Sunrise" is a story where the protagonist( the "soul") looks for a ray of hope but cannot find it. It trudges along. but hopes of escaping or even momentary relief fade away with every step taken

The fourth track "Nomoshkar", which in bengali( a language spoken in India, specially in the state of west-bengal) means "welcome", in Hindi(another Indian language) it is "Namaste". This track signifies that the "soul" has achieved some sort of relief from its ordeal and is welcomed into a "group" which provides it with shelter and a healing touch

A "Funny Odd Place" is a sort of comic relief in the mind of the soul, which is a result of discovering the customs and the hospitable ways of the "group", accompanied by a peace of mind. A sort of joyous mentality. Quite the opposite feeling to the one which it had at the beginning of the story

The track "Valour" comes after this and it narrates the resurgence of the mental and physical strength of the protagonist. It stands upto the ways of this world and is on the verge of a battle with it, in the hopes of changing the order of the world.

"Hateful Arrow" narrates the tale of the great battle in which the protagonist is finally victorious after a grueling fight. It shoots the the arrow,laden with hate, into the very heart of this world.

The Protagonist is finally free and looks to return to its own world, but for that it must find the way back. "Salvation" narrates the change that the protagonist has undergone mentally since its arrival, and it is free from the clutches of the once cruel ways of the world in which it fell into.

With that thought the soul wakes up from its slumber, however its journey isn't over.


released February 11, 2017

Bishwadeep Sikder for mixing and mastering the album



all rights reserved


Sambadi Majumder Giessen, Germany

Hailing from the city of Kolkata, India, and inability to find a band in Germany, Sambadi decided to do something that he always wanted to do, embark on a solo career. Influenced from an eclectic mix of artists which include Dream Theatre,Opeth Andy James, Jeff Loomis, Larry Carlton wrote a series of Instrumental songs and decided to release them as his debut album, titled Unseen and Beyond ... more

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